This is a term I use very often in my work to describe how compatible or not a person’s vibration is to what they are trying to move toward or manifest.

Vibrational resonance is key to being an energetic match to your desired outcomes. If you’re not a match, those things will never be able to materialize into your 3D reality, it’s just that simple.

There can be a whole bunch of reasons why this isn’t working for you at present, these can include having ‘old energy’ hanging around in the background that hasn’t been dealt with or just not taking the steps to fully align yourself to who you will be when you have your desired ‘thing’.

Both of these are super important factors and I’d like to take a moment to touch on the idea of having ‘old energy’ sticking around…

This old energy is the remnants of what has already been and gone in your life, a previous occurrence that has left an energetic imprint on your energy body.

This can create patterns, conditioning, blocks or even wounding that needs to be cleared away before you can fully step into and take part in your desired outcomes and reality.

Think of it as a clog in the plumbing, like a pipe filled with stones. Water can still get through if you flush it, but if you remove the clog, the water is uninhibited, faster and free-flowing with ease. Clearing this energetic clog is vital if you’re going to fully embody and manifest the lifestyle and reality that you want.

With old energy, we are constantly projecting outwards into the universe and using this conditioning or wounding as our filter, deciding HOW we express and project ourselves out there.

If this projection and the thing we’re calling in are not a match, we simply can’t materialize it into being.

Vibrationally resonating means that we are a solid match for our manifestations. That we have removed our filters, our wounding, patterns and conditioning. That we have clear energy and can project outwardly in an uninhibited way, to call in exactly what we desire with no resistance.

This brings me to a second point about taking steps to make sure that once your energy is clear, you are aligning yourself to your goals…

Once you’re ‘clear’ and your energy is cleared. You can easily begin to bring your desires into reality by aligning your vibration with them. A really great way to do this is to spend 1-2 minutes as soon as you wake up visualizing your perfect day in your dream lifestyle. To live it and more importantly, form an emotional connection by FEELING it.

Then take 1 small action to DO something that this future version of you would do. Take one small action to become that person.

Because, spoiler alert, that version of you is the person who has and does your desired thing, so you actually need to focus more on being that version of yourself that already exists somewhere within, the rest of things will take care of themselves, simply because you’re a vibrational match for them and that is what your reality will become.

The first step to clearing your old energy and becoming aligned with your true self is to become grounded, grab your free grounding guide here.