What do people say after they’ve worked with me?

Susan Young“Bethany is AMAZING, her knowledge of the chakras goes so deep, her intuitive guidance is spot on and also, she has a beautiful, gentle and nurturing way – she’s divine to work with. I highly recommend a session with Bethany, after our session and the days following I really noticed shifts happening and energy moving. So good <3"

– Susan Young


Kim Horsfall“I was so amazed how Beth could sense things I was struggling to articulate, and then she was able to clear them out! I don’t think I’ve ever felt this calm in my life, and while I don’t want to say “in control”, I don’t feel as frazzled by life anymore. Thanks Beth – I’m looking forward to doing some more work with you soon!”

– Kim Horsfall


Medha Paola“I just had an awesome session with Bethany. I’m an intuitive energy healer myself and I was really impressed with how insightful her reading was. I could feel the energy moving and gave me great intuitive insight and wisdom. Would highly recommend.”

– Medha Paola Murtagh


Donna Sussums“I had the most amazing and productive session with Bethany. She tuned into my energy and pinpointed the chakras that needed attention. Since then, my creativity has returned, my passion for life has been rekindled and I feel so much better. Stronger. Energized. Focused. I am grateful to Bethany for her caring and gentle expertise. I highly recommend her services.”

– Donna Sussums


Michelle Whitehead“It has been a long time since I have worked with my chakras, and I didn’t realise how much I missed it until this session. I found that Beth put me instantly at ease. Her comments were very insightful and accurate, and as I moved more fully into trusting myself with her, I found an immense peace and stillness that was very welcome and lovely. I look forward to experiencing more of her magic.”

– Michelle Marie Whitehead


Veiga Malta“Having never had a chakra reading and alignment before, I was unsure what to expect. But Bethany was so clear and explained so much to me, that I felt at ease and so relaxed.

The insights she had into one particular part of my life, based around my heart and sacral chakras, was very poignant. I felt good afterwards and more connected to my body and thoughts. Thank you Bethany!”

– Emma Veiga-Malta


Heather Robinson“I had a beautiful chakra balancing session with Bethany who was great at intuiting exactly what I’d got going on. The session was so nurturing and I’ve gained great groudedness and courage as a result. I’d highly recommend working with her.”

– Heather Robinson


Karena Singh“I didnt know what to expect going into the session with Bethany because I’ve never done any chakra healing before, but seriously before I went in I was feeling anxious, blocked, and scared to speak my truth…..
during and after the session how I felt completely changed – I felt confident, calm, and felt sense of peace and love. and guess what? I still feel that! Her session has completely changed the way I communicate in business and how I feel about myself. I am so grateful for her session and cannot wait to work with her again. Highly recommend!”

– Karena Singh


Samantha Sterry“I had a wonderful Chakra Balancing Session with Bethany recently and it was a wonderful experience. She was extremely accurate with what needed to be cleared and balanced – I was feeling so much lighter afterward. I have no doubt that the chakra balancing has contributed to some wonderful shifts now occurring in my life and business ?”

– Samantha Sterry


Nicole Godfrey“Wow, I don’t even know how to put into words what an amazing experience this was! I’m in complete awe of Beth and how she does what she does. She is such a truly gifted healer! I can’t wait for my next session xx”

– Nicole Godfrey


Laurel Makowem“Working with Beth has been a gift. I used to think I had to be in the same room as the healer but my Skype sessions with Beth have proved me wrong. She has a beautiful gentle healing energy and a heart of gold. A loving genuine person to entrust with your soul.”

– Laurel Makowem


Angela Derks“I had the pleasure of a session with Bethany and I was blown away! She has a graceful, intuitive presence that really resonated with me. After my session with her, I felt balanced, recharged and ready to move forward. I would highly recommend a session with her. Blessings x”

– Angela Derks


Jolene Jaggs“I recently had a taste of the charka balance that Beth offers and I immediately felt safe in the space. Beth was kind and gentle and allowed me to go with the process with ease. She was amazingly accurate in the blockages and was able to pass on the messages that came with it.”

– Jolene Jaggs


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