Is your root chakra why you’re not where you want to be?

A root chakra imbalance can be traced back to a multitude of things, but the symptoms are common and easy to spot…

The root chakra (often called the base chakra) is the foundation stone for the rest of everything that you do. It keeps you alive and moving in flow. It helps you feel safe and secure to grow, transform and take risks. If you’re trying to make a change, move forward or just feel more confident and secure in yourself and your abilities – you need a strong base chakra.

Some of the tell-tale signs of a root chakra imbalance are; feeling shame, guilt, anxiety, nervousness like you’re managing to do everything BUT the one thing that’s going to move you forward (aka pesky self-sabotage).

As an extension of this, when the base chakra is heavily out of balance, a person can withdraw and stop taking care of themselves and their basic needs altogether. This includes body and mind and often if this goes unchecked over a long period of time, the consequences can be depression or chronic fatigue.

Some of the deeper roots this can take are a mistrust or strong negative feelings about the body, this can be seen as not trusting the body to keep you safe and function effectively. This creates ripple effects for the other areas of your life because you can’t trust the foundation that everything else is built on.

So, how does this actually happen, what causes this?

There are various experiences or observances that will have left an imprint or impression that sticks around and helps you to figure out if something is safe or dangerous. Often, as human beings just going about our day, we aren’t aware of this and so we create a reason WHY we shouldn’t have or do something. So, without really realizing it, our fear and past experiences have just made that decision for us and we repeat the cycle feeling like we’re just not able to move forward.

There will have been a time where you’ve witnessed something happening, either your emotional memory or physical reaction created a muscular memory, and the base chakra makes a note of that and alerts you to any similar or perceived danger. Maybe you were the observer or maybe you were directly involved, but those events shape your beliefs.

Your base chakra is formed from a very young age. It is the first chakra to activate and awaken and so it has been taking in information since before your birth and forming an energetic picture of the world around you. It takes in as much information as possible that it can use to protect you or keep you safe.

This is also why it can feel scary, or sometimes impossible to make a new change or move forward. Which is because this is the unknown and the base chakra just doesn’t know if it’s going to be able to keep you safe. You can read more in-depth about the root chakra and the other 7 main chakras here.

Here are some specific examples of what this can look like for you:

1.) You have your tasks and to-do’s that will help you get things done but at the end of the day, you’re still not feeling accomplished.
2.) You know what you need to do to move forward but you procrastinate and do other things first or instead.
3.) You have lots of ideas about what you should do or could do, but there’s no clear winner and so you end up staying where you are and not making any progress.
4.) There’s an uncomfortable feeling around your goals and what it would take or mean to actually achieve them.
5.) You’re feeling generally dis-anchored and like everything is a bit foggy and there’s no long term goal or aim.

It’s like being stuck in a cycle… sometimes it looks different but the pattern is the same!
You know there’s something deeper going on, but you just can’t pinpoint what that is.

If you’re struggling to find the underlying issue or you feel it could be a root chakra imbalance, click here to download your free guide to being shedding your resistance and limiting beliefs. This guide helps you to regulate your own energy and ground your energy easily.