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How Does Distance Energy Healing Work?

“How does your distance healing actually work anyway?”

It’s a question I get asked A LOT.

Usually at the end of a session, where the person I’ve just been working with is curious about how they are able to feel the energy physically moving through them and feel exactly where in their body I’m working… from the other side of a computer screen!

The easiest way I have come to understand and explain this is by using frequency, vibration and the quantum physics theory of ‘non-local reality’.

You don’t have to be in the same room to heal and affect someone’s energy, you can do it online, or from any remote location, by tapping into oneness. The explanation of how this works is a bit technical and scientific… basically, quantum theory explains it as one particle being able to sense the activity of another particle that could be close to it or millions of light years away.

This has been called ‘non-local reality’ meaning that everyone and everything is inseparable and exist in oneness. Non-locality means we can be both here and everywhere at the same time.

The idea that not only can we manifest things into being by vibrating at the same frequency as that ‘thing’, but that we can alter the particles of energy within someone else (with their permission), I feel, is pretty freaking cool!

If a set frequency resonates with an aspect of your energy, it can sync with or change that part of your energy. This is why crystals are fantastic tools to aid in healing. Each crystal emanates a certain vibration, which resonates with the vibration of a certain chakra (if you’re not familiar with the chakras, or want to find out which crystal is best for each, click here to read an in-depth and comprehensive article I wrote on the 7 chakras).

If a crystal promotes a frequency that combats depression, and it is allowed to affect the part of your energy that is receptive or resonates with that, then you feel the effects of depression lifting.

The basic idea behind the kind of work that I do is based on the principle of finding what part of a person’s energy is not like the rest of it. That specific part of their energy which is stagnant no longer resonates with the rest of them or is stuck.

This work is done by removing, releasing or healing that part of them and allowing it to either leave the energy body or to begin to vibrate at the same rate which the rest of the body is. This allows the whole of them to resonate with their surroundings and makes it much easier for them to move forward, remain in flow or manifest what they desire.

When this energy is cleared, we can then begin to work on creating a vibration that exactly matches what they hold in their mind’s eye for themselves (their goal or dream). This is where we really dig into manifesting with total ease.

The first step to clearing your old energy and becoming aligned with your true self is to become grounded, grab your free grounding guide here.

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