Distance Healing

I am currently offering 30-minute introductory sessions for $40AUD, this is to get a taster of what they’re like and the outcomes we can achieve for you and your business.

Are you currently working on a project or your business, you’ve had a bit of success so far and you’re ready to make that consistent and grow it?

In your mind, you see it clearly, exactly what it will look like and how it will work, you’re doing all of the things you ‘should’ be doing, but making it an actual ‘thing’ in 3D reality is just not happening.

In this session, we will work together, clearing your blocks and re-aligning your energy.

We will shed your limiting beliefs, ground you to mother earth and remove the resistance held within your body.

You will leave feeling clear, focused and connected to your soul’s purpose, creativity and intuition.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel pure, unadulterated joy in knowing that you’re on the right path, that everything you’re doing is bringing your goals closer to you?

Let’s spend 30 minutes together, reclaiming and realigning you to your goals, and soul’s desires.

Use the scheduler below to book your spot for just $40AUD, all distance sessions are via video conferencing software Zoom.

I also offer ongoing 20 minute weekly sessions for AUD$230 per month, this is to work on clearing and releasing the energy that is no longer serving you and holding you back, while we attune your energy to what you do want and raise your vibrational frequency to match that.

When you’re ready, we look to expand your energy to give you space to grow and uplevel to your attuned outcome. This includes a weekly session and email support. If you’re new to my work I’d suggest booking a 30-minute introductory session in first, via the scheduler above, to get a sample and see if you’d like to continue working together further. Otherwise, you can contact me here for more information on any of my packages.