What causes a chakra imbalance is probably the same reason you’re not moving forward and growing with ease when you’d really like to.

While the word block implies no energy flow or information is getting through, the likelihood is that there’s a smaller, less scary reason you’re feeling a bit stuck. A slight imbalance caused by a belief or behaviour patterns that are limiting your growth and momentum.

There are so many reasons to be feeling resistant or stuck. Many of these come down to the chakras and the beliefs patterns or cycles they hold for you. This can be seen as a chakra imbalance and to understand why this happens, let’s begin with the things we experience and observe…

Our brains have massive capacity and capability through conscious, unconscious and subconscious filters to log and store our feelings and deductions about what we’ve seen and done.

Not to mention our physical and energetic bodies having memory and retention of these occurrences too.

With all of this in mind, let’s look at the base chakra as an example. It’s important to know that the root (base) chakra is the first chakra to fully awaken. Before you are even born into the world, even as a baby in utero, we become aware of what makes us feel nurtured and safe, and what makes us feel scared and fearful.

When we experience something, anything – our base chakra takes note of our responses. It absorbs the experience through what we think, feel and how we react. Then it uses that to form a belief and either try to keep you safe from that happening again or constantly keep you in that recurring experience (or some variation of) so that you always feel secure.

We consciously bank that memory and file it way, way, away, in the background, sometimes never to be thought of again. But your base chakra stores that ‘data’ and uses it to help you make choices that feel safe and comfortable.

This is one of the reasons that change can feel hard or evades you. The base chakra just doesn’t have enough information to know if it’s going to be able to keep you safe.

This causes an imbalance because this chakra is now not as effective as it could be, or is so overactive that it hinders the other chakras and stops them from doing their jobs properly too.

It isn’t communicating as effectively or healthily as it should and therefore it’s not operating at full capacity for you. This means you feel stuck, unsure or unsafe and you don’t see the growth, movement or momentum that you’d really like.

If you want to learn more about the chakras, what they govern and how they work, you can view the full article on the main 7 chakras here.

When talking about a chakra imbalance, the structure of a chakra is an important thing to be aware of.

A chakra is a standalone energy wheel that is shaped like a funnel or vortex in both the front and back of your body. For most chakras – the central point is in a plexus in the spine.

The back of the chakra stores all of our subconscious or past beliefs and memories and funnels them through the plexus and spine to send that information outward into the world.

The front of the chakra is in the ‘here and now’ and uses the information received from the back to make choices, decisions and decide how you feel.

This then comes together to create a full centre that sends a broadcast out into the world.

If we use the base chakra as an example. Any fears, insecurities or anxieties you may have will sit in the back of your base chakra, along with all of the memories that have created this belief or fear.

When you’re ready to grow, change or make any kind of decision, this information is fed through to the front of the chakra, then the base chakra will make a decision based on that data and emit that frequency into the world.

This is why it is super important to be working with your chakras and hearing their concerns so that you can address them and help them to heal or let these kinds of beliefs go.

If you think you might be ready to let some of these beliefs go, click here to download my free guide to grounding your energy and clearing out what is no longer serving you.