Bethany Harrogate

I deliver energy healing and alignment. Using my extensive, expert background in the chakras to make healing, energetic connection and energetic law of attraction an easy, fun and effortless journey.

I began studying energy, psychic ability and the chakras from age 14 and I am a firm believer that you should never stop learning, which is one of the reasons why I qualified as a Reiki Master in April 2019.

I am the mother of 2 beautiful children, and I live with my spiritual counter-part, my partner Dan in beautiful Papamoa Beach New Zealand, where we moved 5 years ago from England.

As a trained Reiki practitioner, I am a clear channel between the universal life force energy, your guides and you. Enabling your sessions with me to be infused with divine energy to remove the resistance holding you back and tune your energy frequency to attract what will propel you forward in alignment to your soul-self.

As a teacher, I guide you to discover your true, soul-self through the 12 chakras and connect to your higher self. Taking you on a journey from opening and feeling your own energy, to balancing and healing each chakra.

All of my sessions hold a gentle and supportive space to help you navigate what’s holding you back with compassion and understanding.

I heal, balance and channel guidance through your chakras to help keep you light and clear within your body and connected to your higher self and guides.

If you still can’t seem to connect to your higher self, your guides or your soul purpose… the chances are you have a block in one or more of your chakras. I specialise in removing those blocks and feeling into your body to see where in your body you are storing and holding this.

By channelling your spirit guides, angels and any passed over loved ones who may be trying and failing to connect with you at this time, with their help I can deliver to you exactly what you need to know about your current situation and how to move forward and make progress.

If you’re ready to bring balance and healing to your chakras and your life, I’m currently offering a special discounted rate on your first distance healing session with me, these are 30 minutes long and delivered via an online video call.