Angel Card Reading

Are things feeling a bit hazy or confused?

You might not need to see the whole staircase, but the next few steps would be great!

Maybe you’ve been trying to create a connection to your higher self and spirit guides?

I am a clear channel and can create a direct link with your higher-self, angels and spirit guides, while also finding out what they need you to know and what your next steps may be.

I can help you with either a general reading of what information they have to tell you now, or you can ask specific questions if you wish.

How it works:

Ask for a general reading or answers to a specific question (or questions) – think about your questions and make sure they’re not a “yes or no” type question, as we need to allow room for free will and fluidity.

I also offer quarterly forecasts which include:

  • Energetic healing and realignment
  • Psychic reading for the next quarter
  • Additional time to ask any questions you may have
  • A follow-up to see how everything has integrated for you and to answer any of your questions

Pay for your chosen reading below and then email me to include any specific questions you have and a recent photo of yourself, one of your questions can be posed as a general reading of what information you need to know at this time.

I will record a video of your reading and send your recording to you via email within a week.

Type of Reading

Shana Michele Matheson“Beth is a very talented reader indeed. Insightful, loving, respectful and full of accurate, deep knowing. As a reader myself of 40+ years I can from an experienced and sincere place highly recommend Beth’s work… and I don’t recommend anyone lightly. But Beth definitely has something special going on. I’m very grateful to have stumbled across her.”

– Shana Michele Matheson