Your chakras are the most powerful essence of yourself that you can imagine. They connect and create an abundant flow of all aspects of yourself and your life. These organic energy centres are found throughout the body and when working correctly, create an unstoppable powerhouse of divinity.

These chakras are bold and unapologetic. They create and open your most sovereign you. Pushing your self-awareness and self-discovery to the furthest corners of your soul. They connect you to who you truly are and who you have always been. They are not outside of you or external factors, they are you. The you that knows in your heart, your mind and your gut that there is more to life than that which you currently hold.

Their purpose is for our balance, keeping us moving through life and our connection to our divine selves.

The Chakra Basics

The chakras are different colours and are responsible for different aspects of you, that make the whole. Some are in control of your base instincts, some are responsible for your emotional well-being and balance, others connect you to your divine power and guidance.

Each chakra is located in both the front and back of the body. They are connected through the spine, the plexus’, glands, meridians and nadis.

The back of the chakra is where the past and subconscious sits and colours the energy funnelling through to the front.

The front then receives this energy and emits it out into the world.

For each of the seven main chakras, there are relating archetypes. An archetype helps us to better understand what stage we are at in our spiritual development and show us what kind of energy is sitting and ruling within that chakra. A sort of ‘personality trait’. There are positive and negative archetypes, shadow values and positive values. These give us a massive insight into why we react and feel the way we do, as well as our filtered view of the world around us.

These energetic centres work together to create one powerful being that is capable of shaping and attracting exactly what they want into themselves. When they are in perfect working order and working together there is nothing that can stop you. You are fully aligned. You can achieve and be anything.

Crystals & Food

Something I’ll talk about for each of the chakras is how crystals and food can be used to enhance a chakra.

Crystals are well-known energetic powerhouses. They are all filled with different frequencies and characteristics which promote different feelings, emotions, outcomes and much more. Some are for protection, some are for health, some attract good fortune and money etc.

As each chakra is responsible for a different aspect of you, crystals are responsible for enhancing that experience and energy. If you put a gentle loving crystal with a heart-centred or emotional chakra, you will only serve to make that more potent and in some cases, when this area of your life and chakra is a little depleted – it can re-invigorate it and help to heal and balance.

The same is true for different foods. Your chakras are organic matter and a part of your body, so there are different ‘fuels’ (foods) we can use that have different effects on them, the same way food affects our organs or iron levels etc.

The 7 Main Chakras

There are many chakras dotted throughout the body. The seven main chakras and anywhere from two to ten minor chakras within each of those. Each governing a different aspect of you and your life.

The main 7 chakras & the areas they govern include:

  • Base – Survival
  • Sacral – Emotion and will
  • Solar Plexus – Decision making and intuition
  • Heart – The vibration and essence of love
  • Throat – Speaking clearly and following through
  • Third eye – Clairvoyance and clear, rounded vision
  • Crown – Connection to the higher self and the whole cosmos

The Base/Muladhara Chakra

Also known as the root chakra, muladhara rules your basic survival and fight or flight instincts. This chakra lends itself to encourage a person to take care of themselves and pulls us out of dangerous or threatening situations. This is our connection to our animalistic/primal side that takes care of our basic needs and protects us from harm – both from ourselves and others.

When we use this centre for Reiki, this is the centre we connect to mother earth’s energies with. From the base chakra, we create a direct connection to the power and heart of the Earth.

The base chakra is located in your aura, at the site of your tailbone and the opposite side, level with your pubic bone (it’s both in the front and back) it is a deep, rich red colour and vibrates at a slow pace.

When this chakra is off-balance a person may either be over-aggressive, defensive, confrontational, paranoid and irrationally vulnerable as though they are constantly under threat or in danger or they could go the other way and be submissive, depressed and withdraw from taking basic care of themselves altogether.

Root Chakra

The positive archetype is the Mother, with a strong connection to mother earth and nurturing energy, this person is connected to exactly what their bodies need and the needs of others. The Mother knows that she is in control and stops looking for answers and direction outwardly and begins to look inwardly when a change is needing to be made.

The negative archetype is the Victim, this person is at the mercy of outside influences, everything happens to them and is done by others. They suffer because it appears they have no choice or control and everything is left to outside powers.

Red Jasper is a gorgeous crystal which can be used to charge, balance and invigorate the base chakra.

This stone fills us with the need to take care of ourselves both emotionally and physically. It’s a stone of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Placing this crystal over the base chakra helps it to open and connect with ease and charges the chakra with its own base characteristics and instincts.

Red Jasper is deep red in colour. It can come in different shapes, sizes and forms, as can all crystals. The one I use is a rough cut, but my son has a small rounded tumbled piece. It is important that your piece resonates with you, rather than ‘looks pretty’ each stone is individual and you will know when holding it if it is right for you.

There are also foods that can help to bring balance and vigour to your base chakra. These foods are:

  • Coffee
  • Hot spice
  • Pepper
  • Spinach

The nutrients, minerals and basic genetic properties of these foods serve to pair with the energies of the base chakra. They invigorate this energy centre and can be used to balance, empower or enhance this chakra if it is feeling depleted, as well as boost it and keep it in constant balance.

When you eat these foods purposefully, you are nourishing your base chakra. You’re bringing into your body; vitality, vigour, self-care and survival energy.

The Sacral/Svadisthana Chakra

This chakra is all about your will-power and your sensory experience of the world.

The sacral chakra governs your will, your emotions and your overall sensory experiences through sensation and sensuality, engaging the five 3-dimensional senses. The joy of feeling both physically and emotionally.

Svadhisthana influences our ability to experience joy, pleasure and sensation. This is where our consciousness and soul can truly experience the wonder of being inside a human body. The wonderment of interacting with the physical world and with other human beings. This is the centre of connection.

This chakra is orange in colour and sits at the point of your spleen (it is also sometimes referred to as the spleen chakra).

Sacral chakra

The positive archetype is the Empress. An Empress steps away from attitudes that limit or disapprove and fully embraces life’s joys and pleasures. They balance this with self-awareness, courage and a healthy sense of proportion, which stops them from being over-indulgent. The Empress is passionate, welcoming and represents both worldly and earthly power, appreciating the natural beauty of the country or wilderness, as well as the lure and excitement of the big city.

The negative archetype for the sacral chakra is the Martyr, this person takes a bit more responsibility for themselves than the Victim in the base chakra, but suffers greatly, knowing they are the ones who can change things for themselves, yet never do so. This is usually out of a sense of duty to their children, spouses or other close ones, that they live and incomplete and unfulfilled life. If this is left over a long period of time, this person can become bitter and even angry as they pass up more and more opportunities to embrace their true nature and soul selves.

Orange carnelian is the crystal that resonates with the sacral chakra.

This is a deep orange crystal that vibrates the frequency of courage and healing. It allows us to reach for our inner strength and expands our capacity for compassion.

It helps us to stay present and removes worry or doubt from past or future comings.

This is the perfect stone to compliment your sacral chakra as it will only serve to invigorate and tune the chakra to this frequency.

This means it will be instilling it’s characteristics into the sacral chakra and giving it the boost it needs to nurture our emotional wellbeing and keep us brave and grounded in our own truth.

One of my favourite things about this chakra is the delicious foods you get to eat and give justification for nourishing your energy centres!

The best foods for this chakra are:

  • Chocolate – dark is best
  • Honey – I recommend raw or honeycomb – delish!
  • Ice-cream
  • Watermelon
  • Banana

This foods can be eaten at any time (though I don’t recommend dairy before bed) and will serve to add nourishment to your body and to this chakra.

The Solar Plexus/Manipura Chakra

Manipura governs your intuition and decision making.

This chakra is yellow in colour and located in the mid-torso of your body, at the bottom of the ribcage (specifically the sensitive bit between split at the bottom of your rib cage).

Manipura is your centre for decision making and creative expression, which allows your intuition to divinely guide you and for you to tune-in to your ‘gut instinct’ when making decisions.

It is not just the ability to make choices, but to also follow them through and act on them.

When balanced you’re naturally charismatic and divinely guided through life.

When off-balance you become flaky with plans and decision making. Your ego can take over the driving seat and switch off your intuition completely. You’re anxious and constantly dwelling on past and future events.

Solar Plexus chakra

The positive archetype here is the Warrior. The Warrior allows us to be the hero in our own lives. It allows us our willpower, conviction and empowerment. The Warrior fights and holds their right to be the best version of themselves they can be and is empowered and tenacious in pursuit of that goal, saying “no” to all and any that try to tell or encourage them otherwise.

Their strength and personal power come from life’s challenges and how they handle them with affirmative and positive power, always staying true to their core essence.

The negative archetype is the Servant. The Servant doesn’t believe they deserve any more than they get in life, though they are very grateful for what they do receive. The Servant often doesn’t receive as much acknowledgement for contributions made and for this chakra archetype – acknowledgement is power.

The Servants usually have a low idea of their self-worth and will relinquish what they truly love and desire for acknowledgement and approval from others. The Servant projects their power onto others, giving them the qualities they would like to express in themselves but do not dare.

Now let’s touch on the crystal we can use to boost this chakra…

This gorgeous chakra gets its energetic boost from the Yellow Citrine crystal.

How this crystal works:

  • It brings into you the elimination of self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.
  • It rids us of what no longer serves us and brings us clarity of self.
  • By ridding us of what we no longer need and what no longer serves us – we create and hold space for change and growth.

Did you know?
Citrine is often tumbled and used to imitate the much rarer and pricier Topaz.

One of my favourite parts of the chakras has to be talking about all of the delicious – literally soul nourishing – foods we get to pair with the chakras.

The foods to boost this chakra are:

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Apricots
  • Sweet Potato
  • Cranberry juice
  • Oranges
  • Carrots
  • Papaya
  • Squash

Heaps of yummy and naturally sweet foods in here which make the most divine meals!

The Heart/Anahata Chakra

This is the green chakra located at the site of your heart.

It is responsible for your abundance, well-being and compassion. It also controls your ability to give and receive in a balanced manner.

When this chakra is off-balance a person may be unable to stop giving and leave no love or energy to nurture themselves. They may be over sympathetic of other people problems and unable to detach from taking them very personally.

The other way this imbalance can manifest is that a person may be unable to feel compassion towards others and only care for themselves.

This is the spiritual centre of giving and receiving in a balanced manner and is the chakra that we often find so off balance in very spiritual people because of their constant compassion and giving – they leave little to none for themselves.

Heart chakra

The positive archetype for the heart chakra is the Lover. The Lover, first and foremostly, loves themselves. At a deep, core level they know, love and accept themselves. Their hearts are open and they have a spark for their passions in life. They radiate acceptance and warmth to all who come into their sphere and have a love for all life.

Seeing life through the lens of love, the Lover can suffer through the harder times because they know that life, in its core, is a joy and exists for us to be the playful creators of our reality.

The negative archetype is the Actress. These people have a fortified heart centre and manage to keep the illusion of love whilst keeping those closest at bay. When someone does get too close, the Actress will sabotage this relationship, choosing instead to act out tensions or drama. Becoming vulnerable and getting hurt is the main fear of this archetype.

Crystals can be used to boost and help protect our heart chakra energy – there are actually four main crystals that are good for this chakra and we’ll look into their properties now. There are different times and reasons you may use these:

  • Aventurine – this is the main crystal we typically use for the chakra. It is used to create calm and balance. Which makes it the perfect crystal for a balanced chakra.
  • Bloodstone – this is a beautifully healing stone that we can use when we’ve experienced a serious hurt. This offers us a loving boost and protection from further intrusion.
  • Hematite – this is a great stone for someone who can not stop giving. This will help them to ‘put a stopper in their bottle’ and keep some back for themselves.
  • Rose Quartz – this is a good stone to have on your person when you’re experiencing a harsh or negative environment, as it encourages a person to act more lovingly and compassionately towards you.

Which foods you can use to have the best effect on this chakra?

  • Plums
  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Couscous
  • Grains
  • Soy & bean proteins

Consuming these foods will give nutrients to your physical body, but it will also serve to nourish your heart chakra.

The Throat/Vishuddha Chakra

This is the blue chakra located in the hollow of your throat (right below the spot of the ‘adams apple’ for guys).

This is the centre for speaking your truth, connection to your guides and higher realms as well as making commitments to change.

When it is balanced, you can speak your truth and be your authentic self with ease and grace. You’re in a naturally comfortable state expressing who you are and feeling connected to that person.

You’re able to communicate with your spirits and guides to gain the insight and knowledge you require to make informed and divinely guided decisions.

When this chakra is off-balance, you may feel trapped or stuck in your current circumstance and not able to follow your true path – or even know what that is. You could be unable to speak your truth to others or tell people your true heartfelt desires and wants.

When this chakra is blocked – we often experience sore throats, tonsillitis and swollen glands. This is a physical manifestation of your energetic block.

Throat chakra

The positive archetype for this chakra is the Communicator. The Communicator has a flair for self-expression and is able to clearly and without fear, articulate their thoughts, feelings, desires and needs. A true Communicator speaks clearly and concisely, knowing their words carry weight, they are aware of what and how they say it. They know and are prepared to stand by the outcome of their words because it is their truth.

The negative archetype is the Silent Child. The Silent Child finds it difficult to speak their truth and feels unsafe to do so. They vary in levels of suppression, from being completely unable to communicate their needs effectively, to being unable to do that around certain people only. This archetype would rather suppress their truth and avoid, confrontation or despair, even at the cost of their own creativity and self-expression.

It’s the Lapiz Lazuli crystal that helps to boost, open and energize this chakra.

The Lapiz Lazuli crystal has been used for centuries by Egyptians and Greeks right through to modern day.

It has always been thought to bring us closer to celestial beings, gods, goddesses and guides. It was used as the connection to the divine and many temple priest’s robes and ruler’s crowns were made with Lapiz Lazuli sewn in.

This stone fills us with the vibration of self-confidence and self-expression.

It lifts our mood and lifts the fog of depression. It encourages us to work for the greater good, for a higher purpose and to serve our higher self by connecting our physical to our spiritual selves in divine harmony. It brings us psychic development and insight.

The foods we can use to boost and invigorate this chakra are:

  • Mushrooms
  • Bananas
  • Barley
  • Wheat grass

Eating these foods serves to nourish your throat chakra, in the same way, our physical bodies are nourished by eating well – so it is for our chakras.

The Third Eye/Ajna Chakra

The third eye chakra is linked to your pineal gland and is a deep purple in colour.

This is the chakra that is most well-known and is associated with inner and outer knowing.

It is the control house for the ability to be clairvoyant, seeing spirits, auras, chakras and energy. It also allows us to see things outwardly from another’s perspective.

This means that we become the observer rather than the experiencer – we are able to see things from all sides and get a full picture of what the situation truly is, instead of just feeling the emotion from our side.

It allows us the un-emotional judgement that can often cloud our ability to see clearly.

This chakra marks the beginning of our spiritual abilities that allow us to go beyond our human selves and tap into our universal essence.

Third Eye chakra

The negative archetype for the Ajna is the Intellectual. These people can often become over analytical and over intellectualize everything in their lives. They theorize everything and live ‘matter of fact’ rather than in tune with natural energy, rhythms and cycles. They rarely engage in feelings and emotions and try to live life from a purely logical angle. In their attempt to control their surroundings and outcomes, they miss out on the joy of living and being.

The positive archetype is the Intuitive. The Intuitive uses their intellect to balance the left side of their brain. They have knowledge and connection to self and higher wisdom. They have the gift of inner sight/clairvoyance and can use this to gain inner knowing and guidance to complexities, and guidance for themselves and others whenever they this sight.

They understand the core of life and of themselves and they understand that those who are ‘out of touch’ suffer from illusion.
I’d like to delve into the properties and uses of Amethyst – the right crystal to use for the development and continual up-keep of this chakra.

This crystal corresponds to the third eye chakra and when you know what this crystal can do – it’s very easy to see why…
Amethyst vibrates and emanates calm and soothing of the mind. It soothes rage, eases grief and provides clarity and balance to the emotions.

It’s an excellent crystal for visualization and manifestation because it aids in removing negative beliefs and makes dreams and goals clearer and more realistic.

Amethyst helps us to see past our own needs to see clearly and think of the needs of others.

For these reasons I love Amethyst and have lots of it in my home.

I personally believe it helps my family harmony by having it in my home, as we’re all very different people with different wants, needs and personalities.

For this, I think, Amethyst helps to promote a healthy consideration for the other members of our family as well as allowing us to be a family of positive manifestors of our own wants, needs and desires.

The delicious foods we can use to nourish this chakra are:

  • Wheat Germ
  • Barley
  • Vitamin E
  • Water
  • Chamomile

These foods help to balance and invigorate this third eye chakra and keep it all in balance.

The Crown/Sahasrara Chakra

This chakra’s colour is white and it is the for our divine being to channel information and have it filter through.

The crown is where all of our divine and universal guidance and energy pours into us from. It allows us to pull in energy from the cosmos and fill our bodies with a divine wash of white light.

This chakra can take years to fully awaken and full use of it is a gift that your soul earns.

Through this, we can understand life’s greatest mysteries and come to know the universe itself.

Crown chakra

The negative archetype for the Sahasrara is the Egotist. The Egotist is disconnected from the universe and from that energy which connects and binds all of us, therefore they experience and ‘self’ only. They do not acknowledge anything higher than themselves and are disinterested in learning or hearing anything about spirituality or ‘oneness’.

They can be highly intuitive beings that are capable of being reliable, creative and productive, but they owe that to no-one and will be uninterested in using that to benefit anyone other than themselves.

The positive archetype for this chakra is the Guru. The Guru lives in awareness of oneness and the of the universe. They are a whole and complete person with a whole and complete connection to all things. Separation and criticism do not even into this person’s sphere. expands he infinite as this archetype the truth of oneness and that we are all an expression of Spirit/The Universe/the same power.

The crystal we use to awaken and boost this chakra is clear quartz crystal. We can use this to balance and invigorate our crown centre.

This is a crystal that is filled with the vibration of stronger, clearer and heightened mental clarity.

It encourages a positive and purposeful outlook on life.

When used on the body it cleanses the energy flowing into that area and has the ability to transform and transmit energy which makes it a very powerful healing tool.

This chakra’s food is pure energy and clear water. We can nourish this energy by bringing pure, white, light in through it like a funnel into our bodies, or, we can drink, clean water (spring or filter) with the intention of removing toxins from our body and hydrating our brains.

To sum up…

These chakra centres are like a whole universe inside of you. Each one storing memories, personality traits and energy. Governing a different aspect of who you are and creating you, as a whole.

This is exciting because this means that you can literally heal, transform and grow, all from within. You can choose at any moment to heal or break a pattern of sabotage or make a change in yourself and your life.

These centres have the power to become real change-makers in your health, well-being and lifestyle, they can take you on amazing journeys of self-healing and discovery, and they can help you to create and shape your life exactly the way you’d like it.

Do any of these chakras or archetypes resonate with you or reflect where you are in this moment? Book in for a 30-minute introductory session with me for just $20AUD and we can work on shifting any blocks you may have.